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Constellation Theory

Constellation Theory


The constellation theory was first propounded by the late Krishnamurthi, a renowned and world famous astrologer (I was fortunate to meet him twice, once, in a conference at Salem, India and a second time at his residence in Chennai, India).

According to KP method, a planet offers the results of his star ruler more profoundly than itself. We will study this with some example charts.


Balance of Mercury Major period y = 0 m = 7 d = 21                                                     


Mo 29-24

Ke 21-25

X 27-58


                 5:56 am

              Aug 16 1957

             78:12 E, 11:39 N



Asc 26-17

Su 29-36

Me 26-49


Ma 11-40

Sa 14-26

Ra 21-25

Ve 1-56

Ju  8-23






















She visited US in May 2007, a long dreamt dream of hers to visit a foreign country. She was running Mars major period now. If we note the constellation, it is Makha ruled by Kethu. Since it happens to be a node, a shadow planet, take its star ruler which is Venus. Venus is in association with Jupiter ruler of the IX, the house for foreign travel. Moon aspects Venus from the IX house.

For foreign travel, the XII house should also be considered. Venus is not related to the XII house or its ruler! But the dasa (Major period)  ruler Mars itself is in combustion by Sun who is in close conjunction with the ruler of the XII, Mercury!




Balance of Moon Major period y = 8 m = 6 d = 15

Mo 11-54

X 2-02

Sa 17-25

                    5 am 

                 Oct 6 1944

               78:12 E, 11:39 N


Ra 0-20

Ke 0-20

Ju 22-14

Ma 1-51

Ve 16-25

Asc 1-36

Su 19-31

Me 8-24





















This man had a very critical time in the year 1976 when he was running Rahu major period. He was suspended from service and after much struggle reinstated. We will notice that the node or Moon, its sign ruler, is in no way connected to the X house. But if take the star ruler, it is Jupiter (in the constellation Punarvasu). The benevolent planet is in aspect by the malefic Saturn from the X house!




Balance of Mars Major period = y = 4 m = 7 d = 9

Asc 22-29

Ra 2-02

Ju 5-19


                  3:34 pm

               Nov 16 1950

           77:20 E, 10:59 N


Mo 27-45

X 18-56

Ma 14-30

Su 0-19

Ve 0-56

Me 8-50

Ke 2-02

Sa 6-28






















This gentleman lost his house in an earthquake in Gujarat, India during Saturn dasa, Saturn bukthi. Saturn is not connected to the IV house. But its star ruler is Sun. The luminary is in the same sign with Mercury, the ruler of the IV, house of landed property. Saturn, ruler of the XII for loss, is also aspecting the scholor, the luminary and the IV house.




Balance of Sun major period = 2 y 9 m 12 d

Ma (r) 24-16   Mo 2-49
Sa 4-49
Ju 28-24
X 25-51
Ke 28-15                    6:30am
                Oct  9 1941
           78-12 E, 11-39 N
  Ra 28-15
  Ve 4-45 Me 16-54 Su 22-18
Asc 27-19




















He lost his wife in March 1984 when he was running Jupiter dasa.


Jupiter is in Mrigasira star ruled by Mars. Mars is in the VII, the house of matrimonial affairs. We see that the luminary Sun, ruler of the XII indcating losses, worries and separation is in aspect to the warrior.




Ra 28-11
Ju 17-05
Ma 11-06
Ve 2-00
Su 14-03 Ke 28-11
Me 19-53
Asc 15-11
    Sa (r) 8-58
Mo 10-26
X 21-28

















The native made a trip to USA in May 2007 when she was running Saturn Dasa. The lame planet is in the constellation of Sun, ruler of the IX house.

She underwent a surgery for a salivary gland near the right ear in the same dasa. XII house should be considered for hospitalization and the VI for sickness. Note that the ruler of the XII, Mars and the ruler of the VI, Venus are in aspect to the tail Kethu. The node is in Leao, a sign ruled by the luminary Sun. The nodes having no sign of their own, represent their sign rulers..



The foregoing examples clearly indicate that the constellation theory of KP is a correct and we can confidently apply it to judge events in one's life!